Image 31 Aug

Building of tennis and other sports and leisure courts using acrylic materials

The contemporary form of tennis appeared in France, where it became the sport reserved for the nobility and the royal family during the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Afterwards it spread throughout Eu...

Image 3 Jul

Waterproofing of sanitary blocks

Practicality and maintenance of rooms directly exposed to water and moisture (bathrooms, sanitaryware, kitchens) are of primary importance for leading a healthy and normal life. Thus, their construct...

Image 6 Apr

Waterproofing system of a trafficable roof terrace and balcony

Flat roof structures and balconies are the elements of buildings that are most exposed to external weather conditions. Depending on the needs, flat roofs can be trafficable, non-trafficable or gree...

Image 26 Nov

Protecting new stone walls against moisture and repairing the old ones

Author: Ivanka Kjupev, BSc i In order to ensure the durability, functionality, security and aesthetic appearance of the construction elements (façade walls, beams, columns, retaining wal...

Image 16 Aug

Repair of reinforced concrete structures in compliance with the European Standard EN 1504

Author: Bojan Damchevski, BS The issues associated with the repair of concrete and reinforced concrete elements and structures which for whatever reason have become damaged during the use of the...

Image 6 Jul

Epoxy flooring systems

Author: Aleksandra Petrovska   Epoxy flooring systems are widely accepted as a floor finishing solution. They have excellent adhesion to concrete substrates, high compressive strength an...

Image 9 Apr

External wall thermal insulation – necessity of modern housing

Author: Marija Ginovska, BSc NEED The need for good thermal performance of buildings is popular among the general public because of its effects of saving money by reducing energy consumption. O...

Image 3 Feb

Refurbishment of bathrooms, kitchens and toilets – procedure and advice

Author: Budimir Spirovski, B The refurbishment of bathrooms, kitchens and toilets is an undertaking which requires consideration of the choice of supplies and method of application of various mate...

Image 30 Jan

Advice: Choosing the right tile adhesive

Author:Ivancho Simonovski, Some of the most common problems on surfaces covered with tiles (bathrooms, corridors, halls, balconies, terraces, etc.) include: tiles coming loose, developing mould,...

Image 20 Jan

Best solution for cold weather concreting at temperatures down to -20°C

Author: Nikola Uzunov, BSc i In cases when the ambient temperature falls below 5°C, the usual concrete placing methods no longer apply. The low temperature hinders the normal cement hydration ...

Image 8 Jan

ADING in Kazakhstan – construction of motorways with cement-concrete pavements

Author: Slobodan Minikj, BSc In 2007 Kazakhstan launched a grandiose undertaking for reconstruction and building of the infrastructure network of the country. The initial emphasis was on the m...