The success of the company is seen not only in its results, but also in what it does for the community and the area where it operates.
The social responsibility and care for the general well-being is not just an obligation, but it is also a pleasure for “ADING”. These are some of the everyday activities and development plans of the company.

The products that we distribute are of high and constant quality; however, they are continuously improved and enhanced with the purpose of meeting the needs and demands of our clients.
All of our buildings are designed and built in such a way as to provide environmental protection and the measures for protection at work are being observed within the whole company.

“ADING” has been granted several awards and acknowledgements in the field of ecology, including: the award for the most eco-friendly company, company with a successful implementation of ISO 14001 and contribution towards the protection of the environment in 2010 and the prize for best landscaped yard of a commercial facility in the city of Skopje.

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At “ADING” we support the development of the young staff. We have established fruitful cooperation with several higher education institutions and intend to extend it further in the future: the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy within the Ss Cyril and Methodius University. Our company is also involved in and supports projects and initiatives for progress of sport (supporting the Skopje Marathon), traffic safety improvement (participation in the project “100 pedestrian crossings for the safety of 10,000 pupils”), numerous donations supporting the construction of churches and monasteries, as well as support of important events in the field of civil engineering and architecture within the country (the Grand Annual Architecture Award). 


The award for “Responsible Attitude towards the Employees for the Year 2009” speaks about the care and responsibility of the company for its employees. We are continuously improving the working conditions and the equipment for work, we promote the talents and their skills, we invest in trainings and extension of their knowledge, and we care for their health and safety. At the same time, we promote trust among employees, there is no gender, race, age, social or disability discrimination and the legal regulations are adhered to in each segment of the working activities.

Making efforts to improve the quality of living in our community has been and will always be one of our most important goals and direction in which we will continue to act in future.